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Dear friends, this site is dedicated to my techie articles. Enjoy reading and do not hesitate to send me an email. Also make sure you check out my picture gallery. See ya,


Current Articles

Lens comparison & film vs. digital, part 2

Linux router guide - update

Miscellaneous patches

P50IJ Notebook Installation Guide


Older Articles

Film vs. digital photography

Linux router guide


Articles no longer available

I had to take them offline to save some web space. Also, it is too much maintenance in the long run, eg. migrating them to XHTML or whatever format comes next. ;-)

Digital photography and image quality

BIOS modding guide

Video cards and image quality

Coppermine lapping guide

Socket modding guide for Tualatin

Socket modding guide for cold boot voltage

Part 1: Building a PIII-933 system

Part 2: Overclocking continued

Part 3: Lapping the Coppermine

Part 4: Let the wind blow

Part 5: Upgrade Mania

Part 6: Another go at 1125 MHz

An idea for recycling

Pentium Pro page

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