Hi, my name is Dr. Pepper, and this is a seriously cool site.

My Inofficial Home Page...

Dear friends, this site is dedicated to my techie articles. Enjoy reading before this web space goes down.

Current Articles

Lens comparison & film vs. digital, part 2

Linux router guide - update

Miscellaneous patches

P50IJ Notebook Installation Guide


Older Articles

Film vs. digital photography

Linux router guide


Articles no longer available

I had to take them offline to save some web space. Also, it is too much maintenance in the long run, eg. migrating them to XHTML or whatever format comes next. ;-)

Digital photography and image quality

BIOS modding guide

Video cards and image quality

Coppermine lapping guide

Socket modding guide for Tualatin

Socket modding guide for cold boot voltage

Part 1: Building a PIII-933 system

Part 2: Overclocking continued

Part 3: Lapping the Coppermine

Part 4: Let the wind blow

Part 5: Upgrade Mania

Part 6: Another go at 1125 MHz

An idea for recycling

Pentium Pro page

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